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Interim Special Assistant to the Vice President Academic Affairs (INTERNAL ONLY)

Interim Special Assistant to the Vice President Academic Affairs (INTERNAL ONLY)

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The mission of Laramie County Community College is to transform our students' lives through the power of inspired learning. Our over-arching goal is that our accomplishments as a community college will distinguish LCCC from others in the nation, in turn benefiting our communities and bringing pride to the Great State of Wyoming.  Our core values include Passion, Authenticity, and the Desire to Make a Difference. 


This position is for INTERNAL CANDIDATES only. 


A cover letter detailing how you meet the minimum and preferred qualifications for this position is required. You can upload a cover letter when you create an applicant profile.


Job Summary: 

Core responsibilities of this position include:

The position of Special Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) is a full-time, benefit eligible, position. This position is responsible for, but not limited to, Academic Affairs: project management and coordination; project/department research; direction of the First Year Seminar Program; general and developmental Education course coordination; VPAA office management; direct assistant to the VPAA; special projects; policy management; representation to both internal and external stake holders; and leadership of the College’s Academic Integrity initiative.

The Special Assistant functions as an assignment/project researcher who develops, reviews, analyzes, implements, monitors, reports on internal and environmental aspects that impact Academic Affairs/higher education – responsible to remain aware of contemporary affairs in Higher Education – responsible to provide research briefings, condense research findings into summaries, and serve in the role of fact-checker providing data-source validation.

This position coordinates the College’s general education and developmental education core with primary responsibility for annual assessment of general and developmental education and ensuring the continued relevance of the breadth and depth of LCCC’s general education core.  Also responsible for serving in the role of primary assistant to the Vice President by providing direct tactical oversight via office management including departmental budget management, physical and electronic records management/file oversight, as well as Vice Presidential communications.

The Special Assistant serves as the primary College official for Academic Integrity cases (first-offenses) at LCCC and supports the Dean of Students with Academic Integrity cases that rise to the level of a second offence.  Other tasks may be assigned based on contemporary institutional need.

LCCC in its strategic plan has identified important Core Values and Aspirational Values, which are inherent in the cultural fabric of the College.  The person fulfilling this role is expected to bear these qualities and advocate for them.



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Priority Screening Date: Position is open until filled. For full consideration, apply by October 22nd, 2017.



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Essential Functions

Essential Functions:  


Project Management & Coordination: the Special Assistant is responsible for the management and coordination of projects within the Academic Affairs Department as well as projects on behalf of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and/or the Academic Affairs Department that may be institution-wide, and/or community college system-wide.  The Special Assistant will serves as liaison between external agencies and internal administrative units, coordinate a wide range of inter-related activities of both short and long term duration that may involve college issues and State legislative relations; this position also serves as the college’s course coordinator. Representative tasks may include:

  • Developing and coordinating strategic institutional relationships; coordinating internally-focused and externally-focused strategic institutional projects. Providing assistance to the vice president in planning, developing, and implementing departmental strategies for the fulfillment and realization of initiatives and goals via project management oversight and coordination of Academic Affairs projects and initiatives, as assigned by the vice president
  • Formulating plans of action and providing direction in order to implement approved strategies; fulfilling tactical deployment of assigned projects and initiatives; establishing and maintaining effective working relations with others to successfully complete projects and initiatives. Anticipates and assesses situations accurately and adopts effective course of action as deemed appropriate
  • Serving as the Academic Affairs policy coordinator; responsible for collaborating with Deans, Student Services, and others to develop new policy, or update current policies
  • Course Coordination responsibilities will also require effective synchronization of program/course changes including communication so such changes to appropriate oversight/partnership bodies (e.g., Wyoming Community College Commission, University of Wyoming, etc.,); attend (live or via electronic meeting options) and represent LCCC Academic Affairs at meetings regarding course matching, transferability between institutions, as well as new program approval
  • Responsible for the planning and coordinating of convocation, in-services, and Academic Affairs support of commencement exercises; Coordinates the implementation of special projects on behalf of the Vice President, that may emerge as a result of decisions made by internal and/or external committees, task teams, councils, and the like

Special Assignment/Project Research:

The Special Assistant functions as an assignment/project researcher who develops, reviews, analyzes, implements, monitors, and reports on college commission, state/federal legislative, internal budgetary, regional economic, programmatic, and/or other internal/external stakeholders, which influence/impact Academic Affairs.  This will require the Special Assistant to remain aware of contemporary affairs in Higher Education, as well as provide research briefings, condensing research findings into summaries, fact-checking/data-source validation, etc. Representative tasks may include:

  • Keeping current via electronic, hardcopy publication, etc., on academic issues in higher education/post-secondary institutions, news and events from relevant higher education stakeholder groups, news and events from governmental entities, regional stakeholders groups, etc.
  • Authoring/preparing executive summaries/white papers of relevant contemporary information as well as specific research as deemed necessary/relevant, and disseminating information with Academic Affairs Leadership team, and others as appropriate; executive summaries and/or white papers may be utilized in the development of policy and programmatic decisions, policy papers, reports, advocacy work and to support projects related to Academic Affairs, community college movement, regional community affairs, and the like
  • Prepares and or contributes to the preparation of reports, proposals, briefings, presentations and drafts high level correspondence on institutional and strategic issues, as appropriate
  • Collecting/reviewing research for initiatives, identified Academic Affairs objectives, or other target topics and prepares briefing notes and reports for the Vice President; providing regular background research for meeting preparation, speeches and articles, some historic research for special projects, summaries of research findings, condense research into commonly understood terms as determined by target audience(s)
  • Partnering with Institutional Research, Institutional Advancement, and/or other functional areas within LCCC to conduct surveys and focus groups as deemed appropriate; competent and comfortable conversing with people and asking for necessary information as needed
  • Actively supports continuous quality improvement accreditation efforts via AQIP; improves quality results by studying, evaluating, and re-designing processes. Responsible to develop implementation plans and manage/coordinate process changes.  Analyzing Academic Affairs accounting records and other data to determine the financial resources required to implement/sustain/continue an academic program; preparing executive summaries regarding analysis

Director of First-Year Seminar:

The Special Assistant directs the First-Year experience at LCCC:

  • Responsible for the development of the semester schedule for LCCC’s College Success Course (COLS) to maximize student’s time and educational investment
  • Recruit, train and retain qualified instructors for each section of COLS assuring that instructors meet the minimum faculty credential requirements for COLS instructors
  • Oversee the quality of instruction by completing regular instructor evaluations of COLS instructors, providing support to the instructors, and offering advice on how to improve their delivery of the COLS curriculum if necessary
  • Maintain and continuously improve COLS curriculum through regular curriculum reviews with the COLS advisory committee, meeting regularly with the COLS advisory committee
  • Teach at least one COLS course each academic year to keep relevant with the content of the curriculum and student perspective

General and Developmental Education Coordination:

The Special Assistant coordinates General and Developmental Education at LCCC:

  • Coordinate regular assessments of LCCC’s general and developmental education through the general education subcommittee of Academic Standards, meeting regularly with the chair of the general education subcommittee and the subcommittee as a whole
  • Develop, in conjunction with the general education subcommittee, an assessment schedule of general and developmental education courses
  • Ensure the relevancy and rigor of general and developmental education courses and align these courses with Wyoming statutory requirements
  • Provide administrative support and guidance to the general education subcommittee to help navigate the breadth and reach of general education across the College’s curriculum

Vice Presidential Assistant/Vice President Office Management:

The Special Assistant will be responsible for serving in the role of primary assistant to the Vice President and providing direct tactical oversight via office management including departmental budget management, physical and electronic records management/file oversight, Vice Presidential communications:

  • Responsible for overall budget coordination for the Academic Affairs Department. Budget coordination will include interpreting budget directives, coordinating with all academic division administrators and administrative assistants to compile Academic Affairs accounting records, clarifying and promoting the proposed budgets, analyzing monthly department budgeting and accounting reports to maintain expenditure controls, oversee the preparation of regular and special budget reports, track and document budget adjustments are made in accordance with program changes, summarize budgets and provide executive reports to the Vice President on a monthly basis
  • Reviewing and analyzing budget information and makes recommendations regarding ways to improve efficiency, reduce expenditures, ensure minimum budget variances, and increase profits; review department operating budgets to analyze trends affecting budget needs for forecasting short-term and long-term. Also responsible to perform cost-benefits analyses to compare operating programs, review financial requests, exploring alternative financing methods, matching appropriations for specific programs with appropriations for broader programs, including items for emergency funds
  • Coordinating the budgeting process for the Academic Affairs Department including reviewing divisional budget process estimates for completeness, accuracy, and conformance with procedures and regulations; provides advice and technical assistance with cost analysis, fiscal allocation, and budget preparation
  • Provides prioritization, preliminary intake, and gatekeeping (i.e., scheduling follow-up meetings, documentation, ensuring relevant timelines are noted, etc.) for actions, issues, concerns within Academic Affairs coming into the Vice President either though direct means or escalation channels; intake via walk-in, telephone, and email
  • Responsible to diplomatically and effectively interact with high ranking public officials and legislators, internal/external senior level administrators, as well as students, faculty, staff, and the general public
  • Has authority to respond independently to inquiries requiring knowledge of policies and guidelines, as the like, as appropriate
  • In some situations, the responsibility may include gathering background information and any relevant history, preparing and providing a briefing to the Vice President, and/or creating/maintaining any necessary file. Depending on the type and complexity of the action, issue, concern, responsibility for resolving/closing-out issue may be delegated to the Special Assistant
  • Coordinates leadership meetings for the Vice President; meetings may be live and/or electronically conducted
  • In the role of Special Assistant, responsible for coordinating with Division Deans, Program Directors, faculty, staff, Divisional Administrative Assistants, and others as necessary, to create, confirm, and update course schedules, work schedules, revise/update faculty and or adjunct faculty handbooks, and any other institutional documents as necessary
  • Serves as the operations manager for the Vice President’s Office including direct supervision of staff (including student workers), coordination of contract workers, supervising and coordinating the administrative activities of the office by assigning project and delegating as necessary, hiring, revising and updating job descriptions as appropriate, and responsible for the ongoing performance management including conducting evaluations
  • Provides supervision, as needed, to Vice President Office administrative staff; coordinates time-off to ensure continuous coverage and support of senior management team. Communicates with administrative staff regularly, relaying pertinent information in a timely manner; ensures contemporary office policies and procedures, revising and communicating revisions as needed which may include holding staff meetings administrative staff ensuring consistency in Academic Affairs policies, procedures, and processes
  • Prepares responses for basic/routine communication including correspondence that require the Vice President’s signature; in some cases, will be responsible for drafting possibly preliminary reports and/or correspondence that would be considered confidential until finalized
  • Responsible for planning, preparing (or appropriately delegating preparation) and finalization of materials, handouts, illustrations, graphical representations, PowerPoint presentations, and the like for committee meetings, Board of Trustees Meetings, etc.
  • Maintaining confidential files (physical and/or electronic) of the Vice President; handling correspondence not requiring the personal attention of the Vice President; ensuring that requests for action or information are conveyed to the appropriate administrators, faculty, and/or staff member(s)

Academic Integrity Management:

Primary College official to address academic integrity on a college wide basis and is the primary respondent for first offense academic integrity cases reported through Maxient:

  • Track, monitor and close out academic integrity cases reported through Maxient, reach out to reporting faculty to follow up on their report and inquire if they need any assistance
  • Meet with students who have allegedly violated academic integrity, when appropriate, to help them understand the violation, and if necessary, next steps to appealing a decision
  • Chair the Academic Integrity subcommittee of the Learning Leadership Team to develop a culture of academic integrity at LCCC using input from faculty, staff and students to encourage, monitor and support academic integrity on campus

Nonessential Functions:  

An employee in this position may perform some of these responsibilities on an infrequent basis:

  • Representing Academic Affairs in various activities, and on various committees/teams, as determined appropriate; travel (some overnight) may be required to participate in identified activities
  • Representing the college in various activities as determined appropriate
  • Attend required trainings, meetings, professional development, and conferences (may require overnight travel)

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal communication, customer service and organizational skills including strong and versatile writing skills (including editorial and proofreading skills, strong command of the English language (grammar and spelling)
  • Capable of exercising discretion and good judgment at all times; able to maintain a positive attitude, exhibit patience, and persistence, especially when dealing with various internal and external constituents; good judgment, discreet, engaging, reliable, tactful, and have professional discretion with a track record of maintaining confidential and sensitive information
  • Knowledge of state and federal governmental and legislative processes
  • Ability to set a calm and professional tone, and to convey a “can-do” attitude; temperament to work as a team player, foster a collaborative and cooperative work environment strong skills in teamwork and verifiable skills in motivating and working with others at all levels of a complex organization – a team player willing to work on tight timelines and pitch in when needed
  • Ability to independently perform complex tasks and to prioritize multiple projects; capable of being pro-active and taking initiative when appropriate. Adaptable and flexible plus ability to work autonomously to handle multiple projects and tight deadlines; experienced working in a professional and fast-paced environment
  • Knowledge of and experience in accounting and budgetary procedures; strong analytical and organizational skills with attention to detail in all areas of responsibility
  • Ability to see tasks to completion, sometimes necessitating working longer than normal hours or on weekends
  • Advanced working knowledge and ability with personal computing applications – specifically Microsoft Office Suite (e.g., Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint), Adobe products (e.g., Reader, Professional), as well as database management systems
  • Ability to read and interpret instructions in oral, written, or diagrammatical form (e.g., a flow chart of a process)
  • Skills and abilities to perform as an organized, self-starter, and able to handle expeditiously, accurately, and confidentially the rapid receipt of communications from all sources—written, email, voice mail, one-on-one with attention to detail; able to act on own initiative while exercising reasonable judgment
  • Excellent customer (both internal and external customers) service skills; ability to communicate clearly with a variety of people, in one-to-one and small group settings – either face-to-face, by telephone, or by other electronic means – ability to communicate in an informative manner, effectively listen, and be able to handle escalating situations with concern and confidence
  • Ability to support time-based requests; able to function effectively in a multi-tasking, fast-paced environment with deadlines, frequent interruptions, and some interpersonal pressure
  • Ability to deal effectively and professionally with people; proven capabilities in establishing appropriate professional rapport, with courtesy and tact, to accurately determine others needs, collect necessary information, and follow-through when requested
  • Ability to respond to common inquires from college faculty and staff, regulatory agencies, vendors, regional business community, and others as may be necessary
  • Knowledge of basic office equipment and necessary associated software/applications including (but not limited to) personal computers and associated peripherals, printers, copiers, fax machines, multi-line telephone, voice players/recorders, video players/recorders, smartphone, and other technological/electronic devices that may be utilized in the course of business

Physical/Mental Demands: 

  • To successfully perform the essential functions of this position, an employee must be able to maintain appropriate composure and necessary confidentiality with regard to both past and current employee, student, and donor data; documents; issues; etc., and respect privacy needs of employees, students, donors
  • The ability to comply with highly inflexible deadlines is required to successfully perform the essential functions of this position; there will be multiple occurrences of sudden, urgent task completion required
  • While performing the essential functions of this position a variable work schedule may be required including long work days, evenings, and weekends as needed
  • There may be occurrences of interacting with employees and/or students, past employees and/or students, members of the general public, and others who express opinions, may exhibit strong emotions, which will require the employee to interact professionally, diplomatically, and appropriately in such situations
  • While performing the essential duties of this position, an employee would frequently be required to move around the assigned work areas as well as within hallways, meeting rooms, and other parts of the campus facilities
  • There may be multiple/daily instances of prolonged sitting, standing, and personal computer use, which would include keyboard and/or mouse usage as well as viewing a computer monitor
  • An employee must frequently lift and/or move up to 10 pounds and occasionally lift and/or move up to 35 pounds to perform essential position functions
  • Specific vision abilities required by this position include close vision, distance vision, and ability to adjust focus
  • The overall work environment requires the mental ability to shift focal point quickly due to interruptions; an employee must be able to mentally track multiple projects and tasking as well
  • The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate; however, there may be unexpected instances of somewhat loud sounds



  • Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in Business, Management, Business Administration, Organizational/Business Communication, Project Management, or related field required
  • 5 years’ experience working in a management/leadership and/or professional advisory role


  • 2 years’ experience in a leadership/supervisory role within a higher education setting preferred
  • 2 years’ experience providing research briefings, condensing research findings into summaries, fact-checking/data-source validation, etc.





Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer


Laramie County Community College is committed to providing a safe and nondiscriminatory educational and employment environment. The college does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran status, political affiliation, sexual orientation or other status protected by law. Sexual harassment, including sexual violence, is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The college does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its educational, extracurricular, athletic or other programs or in the context of employment.


The College has a designated person to monitor compliance and to answer any questions regarding the college’s non-discrimination policies:  Please contact: Title IX and ADA Coordinator, Room 205B, Pathfinder Building, 1400 E College Drive, Cheyenne, WY  82007, 307-778-1217,